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Walking-3yrs Parents and Me



During a 45-minute session your child will rotate between activities such as bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline with the assistance of a guardian and the guidance of a coach. The emphasis is to develop and refine gross-motor skills.  They learn to roll forward and back down cheese-shaped mats. They build strength and courage hang, swing, support and flip over the bar. They build balance and agility as they stand on their hands, crawling through tunnels, jumping in and out of hoops. They further develop these skills through the use of balls, parachutes and a variety of other games. Most importantly, they develop social skills, confidence & a healthy self-esteem. 




The focus of this 55-minute class is to build on more advanced skills taught in the “Parents and Me” program. Children of both genders will participate in developing basic gymnastics skills as they rotate stations on vault, bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline. They will have access to accessories such as folding-mats, incline-mats, donut-mats, and barrels. Students use these progressions to help them advance into more difficult skill levels. They start off each lesson with a warm-up. They then advance every 15 minutes thereafter to one of the apparatus stations listed above, completing their rotation on trampoline. Your child will experience how to roll forward and backward, do a handstand up against a mat or wall and cartwheel. They will work balance skills on the beam, advance forward and backwards, kick walk, dip walk and chasse. On bars they will learn how to do a swing, lift their legs to the bar, chin and a pull over, hold a front support position and roll down safely. Your child will be taught the proper techniques of running and springing off a board. They will learn a variety of skills such as pencil, tuck and straddle jumps off the board and much more. 

Fundamental Training

  • Headstands

  • Handstands straight arm roll

  • Kick handstand onto panel mat

  • Cartwheel kick over panel mat

  • Cartwheels

  • Cartwheel two foot step down

  • Bridge w/ head off floor

  • Flat backs off springboard onto a whale mat

  • Cartwheels two foot step downs-flat backs onto whale mat

  • Back walkover

  • Front walkover

Pro Training

  • Cartwheels

  • Handstand-half turn

  • Cartwheel two foot step down

  • Round-offs

  • Firm to minimal spot- Standing back-hand-springs

  • Firm to minimal spot - Round-off, 1 back-hand-springs

  • Front-Handspring

  • Punch fronts

  • Aerial

Masters Training

  • Handstand-full turn

  • Standing back-hand-spring

  • Punch fronts step-out

  • Arabian

  • Round-off, 1 back-hand-spring / series

  • Front handspring-step-out to series

  • 2 standing back-hand-springs

  • Standing-back-tuck

  • 2 standing back-hand-springs, back tuck

  • Round-off, back-hand-spring, back tuck/layout/full twist

  • Bounders

  • Alternates

  • Whips

  • Double Twist

Jump/Stretch Class:

  • Moose

  • Pencil/T/straight jump

  • X jump/spread eagle

  • Tuck

  • Toe-touch

  • Herkie

  • Double hook

  • Hurdler

  • Pike

  • Around-the-world

  • Double jumps

  • Triple jumps.

  • Jump combination/series of jumps

  • Power jump/dip jump

  • Jump tumbling/toe-touch to back-handspring/back tuck/layout etc…

  • Standing full

  • Running

  • Climbing

  • Swinging

  • Mantling

  • Vaulting

  • Jumping

  • Rolling

  • Jam

  • Kong Front


  • Dash

  • Kash

  • Free-running

  • Twist Flips

  • Connections

  • Flow

  • Combo movements

  • Power Moves

  • Quadrupedal Movement



  • Running

  • Climbing

  • Swinging

  • Mantling

  • Vaulting

  • Jumping

  • Rolling

  • Jam

  • Kong Front



Athletes Involved


•Bases and Spots

•Main Base

•Secondary Base

•Back Spot

•Front Spot

•Additional (hands-off) Spotter

Types of Stunts

•Prep and Elevator

•Cupie or an Awesome


•Split-lift or Teddy Sit

•Thigh stand

•Shoulder stand

•Shoulder sit

•Leapin' Lora


Body Positions

•Liberty (lib) 

•One man 


• Scale


•Heel stretch

•Bow and arrow





•No-hands/Chin Chin/Cry Baby 

•Running table-top


•Pretty Girl

•Basket toss 

Basket Toss Positions

•Toe-touch basket 

•Pike basket 

•Kick-single/2 full basket 

•Straight ride basket 

The X-Out basket 


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