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Cheer Power Tumble

Each 55-minute cheer session is jam packed with exciting cheer, chants, jumps, stunts and tumbling activities. The program is designed to teach young athletes’ ages 7-12 years of age the essential foundation of cheerleading. This program is not designed as a competitive cheer squad. Rather, our emphasis is placed on the proper execution of core basic techniques of training as your child evolves into a well-rounded cheer athlete. As with any sport, poor and/or incorrect training early-on inevitably leads to constant injury and a perpetual struggle to keep up with necessary progressions demanded of the sport. 

Are goal is to create an enjoyable environment encouraging safety, proper execution and technique, growth and success as each athlete progresses at their pace.

Cheer Power Tumble



Age: 7-12

T 5:00 PM

55 Min


Monthly Rate

$85/ month (1 X / week)

$150/ month (2 X / week)

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