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Parents & Me

Walking to 3 Years

Foundational Gymnastics






Social Skills

Interaction with peers

Playing games with peers

Learning how to participate in group

Taking Turns

Following 1 & 2 Step Directions

Parents & Me Walking to Three Yrs



Age: Walking - Three Yrs

S 8:00 AM

45 Min


Monthly Rate

$70 / month (1 X / week)

$115/ month (2 X / week)



Gross Motor SKills



Activities that enhance balance & coordination



Walking-3yrs Parents and Me



This class is scheduled to begin the month of February. During a 45-minute session your child will rotate between activities such as bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline with the assistance of a guardian and the guidance of a coach. The emphasis is to develop and refine gross-motor skills, motor Imitation,1 & 2 step directions, Eye hand coordination activities, social activities & games.  They learn to roll forward and back down cheese-shaped mats. They build strength and courage hang, swing, support and flip over the bar. They build balance and agility as they stand on their hands, crawling through tunnels, jumping in and out of hoops. They further develop these skills through the use of balls, parachutes and a variety of other games. Most importantly, they develop social skills, confidence and a healthy self-esteem. 

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