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Parkour/Jr. Ninja Warrior Sports Training

We recognize it is vital to develop a healthy self-esteem at a young age both academically as well as on the field of play. No matter the skill level we will modify to meet and enhance the athletes abilities. During a 55-minute session, your child will be engaged in a variety of sports related activities with emphasis in core strength, agility balance and coordination. Student’s focus will be placed on implementing proper fundamentals, form, body awareness, and control on the ground and in flight during the execution of multiple sporting regiments to help your child develop into a well-rounded and diverse athlete. The emphasis is to develop mental focus, confidence, core strength, refine gross-motor skills, quick reflexes and most importantly, absolute confidence. 


  • Running

  • Climbing

  • Swinging

  • Mantling

  • Vaulting

  • Jumping

  • Rolling

  • Jam

  • Kong Front


  • Dash

  • Kash

  • Free-running

  • Twist Flips

  • Connections

  • Flow

  • Combo movements

  • Power Moves

  • Quadrupedal Movement


Parkour/Jr. Ninja Warrior




Age: 4-6

TH 5:00 PM

55 Min

Age: 7+

TH 5:00 PM

55 Min


Monthly Rate

$85/ month (1 X / week)

$150/ month (2 X / week)

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