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Jump click Work closely with an accomplished professional to evaluate and assist you on how

to clean up your form. With a trained eye and lots of patients we can help you prep

up and jump into great form. We understand having great jumps mean your arms must

be in synch with a solid core and strong rhythmic leg movements. Through the use of

spring floors, trampoline and tumble track your bound to succeed. Now are you

determined to clean up your form?  Pre-register to begin reaching your full potential.

The 1-hour clinic is offered to both boys and girls 6 years of age and up. Lets work

together and get it done!


Back handspring click


Work with a skilled professional who knows how to quickly assess current skill levels

and break down technique issues to facilitate great results. We offer the use of spring

floors, trampoline, tumble track and boulders to facilitate your success. Now are you

eager to master a basic back handspring or multiple back handsprings?  Pre-registration

is a must to begin your $25 investment towards achieving your goal. The clinic is a 1:15

hours clinic offered to boys and girls 6 years old and up. Let spring into action!


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