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3-6 YRS Tumble HQ Kids

The focus of this 45-minute class is to build on more advanced skills taught in the “Parents and Me” program. Children of both genders will participate in developing basic gymnastics skills as they rotate stations on vault, bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline. They will have access to accessories such as folding-mats, incline-mats, donut-mats, and barrels. Students use these progressions to help them advance into more difficult skill levels. They start off each lesson with a warm-up. They then advance every 15 minutes thereafter to one of the apparatus stations listed above, completing their rotation on trampoline. Your child will experience how to roll forward and backward, do a handstand up against a mat or wall and cartwheel. They will work balance skills on the beam, advance forward and backwards, kick walk, dip walk and chasse. On bars they will learn how to do a swing, lift their legs to the bar, chin and a pull over, hold a front support position and roll down safely. Your child will be taught the proper techniques of running and springing off a board. They will learn a variety of skills such as pencil, tuck and straddle jumps off the board and much more. 


Tumble HQ Kids Schedule


Age: 3-6

M 5:00 PM

55 Min


Monthly Rate

$85 / month (1 X / week)

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